About Us

You may remember Mayan warnings of Armageddon in 2012, but we like to think they predicted the world changing moment Ran Jones and William Kamp formed Flashbox Films. Growing out of an apocalyptic garage in the San Fernando Valley (there was no AC!), soon a single camera for rent grew into thousands of assets and clients looking for more than just camera gear. It became clear another perspective was needed. In 2014 David Franklin joined the company as a partner bringing a new dynamism to the team. After blood, sweat and tears (mostly sweat) Flashbox transitioned into a full production house with a new office in the North Hollywood Arts District in 2018 (now with AC!). Since then, we’ve expanded into commercial and feature production, post-production, in house gear rentals, and partnered with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business to give our clients the highest quality results.

Flashbox Team
Ran Jones

Ran Jones got his start taking a bite out of the “Big Apple” at MTV’s New York office working as a casting PA, but his amazing dedication to his work soon found him promoted into an Associate Producer role. After making the move to Los Angeles nearly 10 years ago with his lovely wife, Ran has since worked on Emmy Award-winning television projects like CBS’s Undercover Boss and The Talk, as well as unscripted series like Dating No Filter, The Pitch, The People’s Couch, Make Me A Millionaire Inventor, and Million Second Quiz. In 2012, Ran took his creativity and eye for talent and joined forces with cinematographer Will Kamp to create their own production company: Flashbox Films. Ran’s affability and love of all things media make him an excellent collaborative force on every project!

William Kamp

William Kamp started his career hauling a camera while wading through a swamp, and he’s carried that unstoppable attitude ever since. Specializing in Cinematography and Producing for clients such as National Geographic, NBC, USOC, Discovery, History, Animal Planet, Netflix, Sebastian Junger and more, Will’s experience has grown to great heights and so have his aspirations. After founding Flashbox in 2012, he’s successfully created scripted and unscripted web series, Good Company (150K) and School and Board (50K), and went on to co-produce the Netflix distributed one-shot feature The Wedding Party in 2017. Will is a creative and dynamic filmmaker who doesn't balk at any challenge and is always ready to deliver the highest quality content for any audience!

David Franklin

David Franklin is a production and post-production wizard. As the VP of Flashbox Films, David’s experience includes sound mixing, sound editing, assistant directing, and video networking. His projects have included stints as a broadcast operator for Nascar Hotpass, as well as a broadcast sound mixer for the MAVTV racing network. His recent credits include Animal Cribs on Animal Planet, Hot Properties San Diego on HGTV. In addition, he has lent his post-production expertise to campaigns for Blizzard Entertainment, Halvoline, Hypland Worldwide, and his work has been shown on ESPN, Animal Planet, HGTV, National Geographic, NBC, and FOX. David’s technical know-how and hard-working attitude make him an invaluable addition to the Flashbox team!

Vice President
Flashbox History
February 2012
Flashbox incorporates.
March 2012
Flashbox moves into garage.
August 2013
First episodic YouTube show, GOOD COMPANY, is produced.
April 2014
David Franklin joins team.
November 2015
Our first feature film, THE WEDDING PARTY, enters production and is filmed entirely in one take.
January 2018
Flashbox moves into Emmy Courtyard office.
September 2019
Flashbox custom finishing studio opens.
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